5 Harmful Ingredients Hiding in Your Personal Care Products

  Here’s a peek at the top 5 ingredients to avoid in your personal care products & why. PARABENS Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceuticals. Their use is to allow skin care products to remain stable and stop the growth of harmful bacteria, fungus, and mold. Their use is to prolong the shelf life of a … Read More

Aging Skin – and Your Options

  The lines, the spots, the dullness – these are the unavoidable changes that happen to your skin as it ages.  Thanks to our genetics, these natural changes are simply predetermined and part of being a living breathing human.  BUT – your daily habits play a major role in visible signs of aging…did you know that one study [1] confirmed … Read More

9 Signs of Toxicity

  You used to have so much energy, you used to be less irritable, you’ve never had headaches like this before…sound familiar?  None of these things seem serious enough to warrant a trip to the Doctor but maybe you have been to the Doctor and it’s still not getting any better.  When these issues persist and begin to wear you … Read More

Creating a world where we don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients in our products.

If you’ve been down the beauty aisle at your local store, you’ve noticed there is no shortage of skincare and cosmetics to choose from. The possibilities are endless, but are they causing more harm than you realize? We know organic and natural ingredients are better for us, but those things alone don’t mean a product is safe, and that’s where … Read More